Over the past ten years coaching has become an incredibly important part of learning and development.  At Elite we deliver results to businesses through exceptional coaching with both business leaders and also team training.

Our coaches spend time immersed in the business and understand the culture, environment and goals!  We then look at how and where the business needs our support and spend time alongside the business leads to seek their coaching drivers.  We combine this and form a plan that is shared with the business and gives clear goals and drivers to achieve a plan.

The coaching is completed on site where possible and the business feels a real presence from the coach in their environment.  Ideally the coach will spend time with all members of the team and can often support the wellbeing environment alongside the business.

Our Business Coaching includes:

Project Coaching

Is your organisation creating a new product, service or department?  Transforming to improve profitability, performance and customer satisfaction?  Increasing employee engagement and retention, or implementing your people strategy agenda (from recruitment to succession)?  Elite's coaches have over twenty years of defining, planning and implementing such projects and coaching business with these business opportunities and challenges.

Sales Coaching

At Elite our sales coaching is heavily focused on building customer relationships.  Sales coaching has evolved over the years and at Elite we look at the full sales cycle.

Our coaching includes spending time knowing and understanding our product, understanding, developing and interpreting Management Information (MI) and, as stated above, developing our customer base.  We also spend time looking at presentation skills in our coaching to ensure each individual is consistently presenting themselves in the best possible light.

With sales coaching we use the Simon Sinek model of "start with why," whereby we reverse engineer the sales process to ensure we meet and understand customer need!

SME Growth Coaching

At Elite we have several experts in small to medium size business growth.  Our team has spent time developing small businesses and growing them to a significant size.  Indeed Elite was founded in 1995 as a start-up and consistently grew year-on-year.

Elite works with leaders or teams to identify organisational limitations and define and execute plans to overcome barriers and utilise opportunities to grow.  Our coaches spend time diving into agreed priority areas to achieve this growth, typically including sales and marketing, staff recruitment, retention and productivity, change management and wellbeing.

Start-up Coaching

SME coaching and start-up coaching are very similar, however we recognise the unique challenges start-ups face, including expanding the founding team, validating their offering, thriving on limited resources and structure, raising finance and initial customer acquisition and retention.

Whether your start-up needs support navigating through these challenges, creating and delivering a robust business plan, or defining and executing a sales strategy, Elite provide expert tailored coaching.

Our team have experience in creating, growing and advising start-ups.  Our Chief Executive Officer spent two years rescuing a start-up, and has coached and advised other start-ups since her MBA.  Our premier coach owns several start-ups across different industries and has spent time developing these companies worldwide.