Display Shelf

Teams work out how to construct a display shelf, then develop a process to construct it in less than 30 seconds





We provide details of 4 different ways to run this game; so it can last for 30 to 70 minutes + debrief.


4 to 8 participants (for each game).


Staff at any level.


Not required


No restrictions on the number of times you can use this game.


Buy: Large version £350 + delivery
Buy: Small version £280 + delivery
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Elite Facilitate: £850 + VAT for up to 32 delegates at your UK venue

Problem solving and continuous improvement game highlighting the importance of individual contributions to an overall goal.  Brilliant team building exercise, enhancing interpersonal skills, planning and executing a solution, developing performance management skills.


Teams have 14 pieces of plastic shelving with groves cut in various places, which enable them to fit together and make up a display shelf.

They have up to 60 minutes to develop a method of assembly that can produce a finished display shelf in less than 30 seconds.

Teams find it very difficult, but through planning and effective teamwork, it has been done in 15 seconds!

We also provide instructions and team briefing notes to run this activity different ways, including having a planning team and an implementation team. See how well they (should) work together and discover many learning points that can be used in the workplace.

Effective planning, performance management and continuous improvement, teamwork and the ability to work in small sub-groups are essential to be successful.

This training game highlights the importance of individual contributions to group task achievement. It is also very effective for drawing out the characteristics of effective management and leadership.


You can also use this as a fun activity by seeing which team can complete it quickest. They will soon learn "More haste, less speed" and "Failing to plan is planning to fail!"

If you think this is easy – you try it. There is a lot to learn from this!



The original large Shelving measures 105 cm x 95 cm and the half-size Tabletop version measures 53 cm x 48 cm. The small shelving is just as challenging, but easier to transport and teams can try it on a smaller surface.


The focus of shelving is on developing teamwork, but this exercise also brings out these useful training areas:

  • Communication
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Inter-team / Department
  • Leadership and Management
  • Performance Management
  • Planning
  • Problem Solving
  • Project Management
  • Teamwork
  • Time Management.

See a video of a team making this activity look easy (after planning, practice and working together as a team).

Display Shelf training game is also known as Planks, Gridlock and Shelving Exercise. Our version is made from plastic which is lighter and cleaner. This means that we have reduced the cost to buy and deliver the activity. Our trainers guide also gives you four variations of the activity to choose from.

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Buy the Large Display Shelf game. Price: £350.00 + delivery and VAT (if applicable)

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Buy the Large Display Shelf game. Price: £350.00 + delivery and VAT (if applicable)

Buy the Desktop (Small) Display Shelf game. Price: £280.00 + delivery and VAT (if applicable)

Buy the Bag to carry the Large Display Shelf game. Price: £30.00 + delivery and VAT (if applicable)

All transactions are in Pounds Sterling

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