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Before you can help others achieve their full potential you need to understand yourself and your behaviours and how you influence others.

Our NLP course will take you on that path of self-actualisation and help you recognise how to enhance and develop your own skills.


The Japanese modelled their management and production on the best in the world. In the same way Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is the study of excellence and in particular the study of what really works in thinking, language and behaviour.

'Neuro' refers to the neurological processes of seeing, hearing, feeling, smell and taste, which form the basic building blocks of our experience.

'Linguistic' refers to the way we use language to represent our experience and communicate with others.

'Programming' refers to the strategies we use to organise these inner processes to produce results. By understanding and managing these strategies we can influence the reactions we get from people and build relationships as we would like them.

From studies of the conscious and unconscious processes of exceptional people, it has been possible to discover how they do it. Some of the first people to be studied using these approaches were masters of change and communication. What did they do that enabled them to get on with people so easily, whilst others tried as hard as they could, but could not build up such a rapport?

The result of these studies provided us with many powerful and elegant techniques that will enable you to discover how to get on with the people that matter to you. This is essential for negotiating and sales but also important in your everyday life.

Deciding to invest in quality NLP skills training is an important decision that is likely to change your life and that of those around you. NLP is different. It is exciting, enjoyable and it works. It offers specific and practical ways of making desired changes in your own and others' behaviour.

If you are involved with communication and change in any way, then NLP offers something uniquely valuable to you.


Anyone who needs to get the most from people.


  • appreciate the benefits of NLP
  • be able to use NLP to enhance their performance and that of others
  • make best use of body language, listening and oral communication
  • understand much more about yourself
  • improve people and relationship management through NLP
  • use skills to inspire, motivate and lead others to bring about positive change
  • use rapport building techniques to build sustainable rapport with anyone quickly
  • recognise different communication styles and use different communication styles in everyday communication
  • read body language and the tonal qualities of voice to interpret whether the spoken word is consistent with the nonverbal messages
  • identify thinking patterns, behaviours and habits and know how these affect performance
  • use NLP in negotiations and sales
  • be able to use different strategies for dealing with conflict
  • have the ability to change behaviours that are impeding progress, to improve results quickly and effectively
  • be able to apply NLP to a broad spectrum of activities, from public speaking and time management to selling (ideas as well as goods)
  • benefit from a deeper understanding of themself, which will enhance their performance and utilise their strengths even more effectively.

Typical course topics include:

  • What is NLP?
  • Presuppositions of NLP
  • The Learning State and styles of learning
  • Language structure and meaning - deletions, distortions and generalizations
  • Preferred Thinking Patterns
  • Meta programmes - towards and away from; match and mismatch, large and small chunk etc
  • Convincer patterns – see; hear; read; do
  • Eye patterns
  • Using NLP for higher level of communication
  • Positive thinking
  • You are what you think you are!
  • How our attitude affects our behaviour
  • Outcome orientation – blame or aim
  • Prime directives of the unconscious mind
  • Making better use of the unconscious mind
  • The way we communicate affects perception and reception
  • The benefits of metaphors
  • Gaining rapport, pacing and leading
  • Developing the art of anchoring effectively
  • Using hypnosis to create positive change
  • Dealing with conflict and difficult people
  • Connecting present state with the desired state - the GROW Model
  • How to create change in yourself and others.

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