Team Shapes

Fun training game for large or small groups in communication, problem solving, planning and teamwork.





This business game runs for
35 to 45 minutes + Debrief.


4 to 60 participants, depending on the pack you buy.


Staff at any level.


Not required.


No restrictions on the number of times you can use this game.


Buy: £200-£260 + delivery & VAT (if applicable)

Elite Facilitate: £850 + VAT for up to 60 delegates at your UK venue

Strengthen teams, create bonds and impart skills with our innovative team building business games.


In the workplace, teams have many problems to overcome which require leadership, strategy, planning, good communication, performance improvement skills and effective teamwork. Often with the added pressure of a critical time constraint!

Team Shapes is a challenging training game which combines all these challenges into one fun activity. If you have used Colourshapes and Colourblind training activities you will find Team Shapes an ideal follow-up training game.


Each person is given one or more cards (depending on the number of participants) and by effective communication, identify how their cards can be linked with others to form a pattern.

Sounds easy? In fact it is challenging, fun and as in real life, there are constraints:

  • There is no completed "picture" for them to follow
  • They are not allowed to look at each other's cards
  • They have to accurately describe their shapes whilst others
  • listen to see if they have a matching shape
  • They have a time limit to plan the task; then 30 seconds for all the team to place the cards into the pattern.

It is also essential that the team clearly define the challenge, agree a strategy and work out a plan to overcome it. However, the limited time is ticking away, adding pressure to the task.

Everyone must get involved or vital clues will be lost. Someone has to take control or over talking occurs and more vital clues are lost.

Time constraints create an exciting climax to the activity. Will their planning and practice bring success in the final run?


Team Shapes is supplied with everything you need to run the activity, including trainer's notes and debrief material. The benefits speak for themselves...

  • A short exercise that brings out communication, Communication, Problem Solving, Planning and Teamwork issues that will add benefit in the workplace
  • Ensures that teams work together and value the contributions of ALL team members
  • Covers a wide range of learning outcomes including leadership, performance improvement and time management
  • Encourages participants to give each other feedback
  • Simple to facilitate but challenging, enjoyable and meaningful to participants
  • Not language specific – participants speak in their own language or use it to help their learning of a new language.

Team Shapes is used to achieve many outcomes. Here are some that we have used it for:

  • Illustrating the importance of sharing information to assist in their problem solving
  • Improving time management
  • Recognising diversity in teams and how different perceptions can cause misunderstanding
  • Helping managers to apply strategic planning for their teams to develop into action
  • Identifying and using communication skills particularly for virtual and distance working
  • Bringing together different teams to complete a joint project
  • Performance improvement by involving team members in the development process
  • Discover the dynamics of the group and team culture
  • Assessing performance of potential staff at an assessment centre.

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