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Aggression is an emotion, which can have a negative effect on you and people around who are either directly subject to the aggression or witness to it.

This Course looks at different techniques on how to handle these incidences when they arise, diffuse them and return a damaging relationship to a professionally satisfactory one.


Failing to deal with violence at work or aggression in the workplace results in problems for staff and you have a legal duty to protect your staff from this.

If you or your staff have to deal with people who do not get what they want, you will know how they can soon show their anger and become aggressive. Not getting what they want or simply having to wait are just two reasons why people change from being calm to aggression.

Handling violence and aggression in the workplace is easier when you know what to do. Our course will provide you with the knowledge and skills to deal with these situations.

We train the police, local authorities and companies to effectively deal with aggression in the workplace.

Salespeople, estate agents, planning officers, social workers, benefit officers, receptionists and others who have to meet people are particularly vulnerable. Our Handling Aggression at Work training course covers a number of safety measures they can take.

The knowledge and confidence participants gain on this course, will help reduce any anger and aggression they encounter.

Dealing with angry people is not easy, but knowing what to do and say can save injury and improve customer relations.

Who will benefit:

All staff liable to be in contact with difficult, aggressive or violent people.

By the end of the Handling Violence and Aggression at Work training course delegates will be able to...

  • appreciate what are acceptable and unacceptable levels of behaviour
  • identify the causes of anger and aggression in the workplace and elsewhere
  • use body language to gain rapport with difficult people
  • apply diffusion techniques
  • use effective conflict resolution techniques
  • practice assertive communication
  • demonstrate attack prevention in the street, reception areas and the office
  • deal with aggression that turns to violence
  • gain advice for estate agents, salespeople, and others on their own
  • draw up an action plan to create policies and procedures to identify and reduce risk
  • feel confident about dealing with anger or aggression in people.

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Here are some of our customers who appreciate our experience in training and enjoyed our courses and business games:


Testimonials from the Handling Violence and Aggression at Work Training Course

“The tutor was very good – everybody was put at ease. He spent the right amount of time allocated to each section which was discussed without rushing. I can now deal with aggressive situations and know how to talk to customers.” C. Williamson – Suffolk Coastal District Council

“Excellent all – round. I feel much more confident about being able to deal with confrontational situations. All the course was useful – a good balance of practical work and discussion.” C. Pearn – University College for the Creative Arts

“The tutor excellently adopted the course to meet our requirements without boredom or overload. He was personable and knowledgeable. Flexibility was the key and we finished all the material in good time – including the fantastic video.” P. Hall – Harvest Church

If you are interested in finding out more about our bespoke handling aggression and violence at work course for organisations, please fill out the form.

We design and deliver interactive tailored training courses, from one-to-ones, to larger groups, usually in-house, tailored to business' unique requirements. We don’t run open public, online or distance learning courses.

To tailor handling aggression and violence at work training, please call us on:

+44 (0) 20 3290 1473

Elite Training will not pass your contact details on to any third parties, and will only contact you in relation to your enquiries.


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Telephone: +44 (0) 20 3290 1473

Email: info@elitetraining.co.uk


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