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Safari Park Sales Game Sales & Negotiation Expedition... Survival by Teamwork
Brand Creative Sales Colourshapes Customer Service Decisions




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If the game or training material does not live up to your expectations,
you can return them unused within 10 days, for a full refund on the goods.

Action22If you are organising a management conference, seminar or training event we will sell or run a training activity or business game to meet your needs and arrange the event for you. Just tell us:

  • The learning objectives
  • Number of delegates
  • Time for the activity and debrief
  • Type of venue and rooms required.

We will do the rest – planning the event for you; supplying skilled trainers and training material to get the outcome you want.

"Excellent feedback. People like the fact that because time was limited they had to assimilate quite a lot information quickly and delegate tasks to ensure that they were completed in the allotted time.
It really did lead to people working as a team and having to trust team members' judgments on the delegated tasks. Great fun, and the time just whizzed past."K. Madden – Aviva

business gameElite Training European Limited is a leading UK corporate team building and sales and negotiation games training company. We will be pleased to arrange business games or  team building event anywhere in the UK or Europe.

We develop and sell a wide range of sales and negotiation games. We also sell selected training activities and games produced by other top training companies that achieve excellent results in our training courses and events.

These training games like many of the management games we sell, allow you to build your collection of ready-made, trainer-led activities or tailor your own training program. The activities are ideal for your training course, seminar or conference.

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