Over the past ten years coaching has become an incredibly important part of learning and development. At Elite we deliver results through Executive and Business Coaching, supporting goals and development at an organisational, executive and life level, including mentoring, wellbeing and counselling, specialising in:

Coaching focuses on the individual and at Elite we create a plan alongside the individual and work through this to improve performance. We use comprehensive coaching documentation and development tools which clients keep for further application.

Elite's coaches staff to skilfully review and learn from past endeavours and overcome barriers to excel in challenges and create new opportunities. Moreover, our coaching develops coachees' own coaching skills to strengthen and support their teams, applying coaching skills in meetings and other interactions.

We deliver our coaching face-to-face, via Skype or telephone. At Elite we believe the experience of a face-to-face initial meeting is key to form bonds with the client and maximise the coaching journey.

Elite's coaching style is high energy and results driven. We're committed to ensuring we give support with individuals feeling and achieving tangible and marginal gains.

Board and C-Suite Coaching

For over 20 years our executive coaches have added significant value to leaders of many businesses. Our coaches have worked in companies at board level and understand how to both navigate and support at this level. They are intellectual and importantly have very high emotional intelligence enabling them to understand different environments and cultures.

Our coaching at this level usually leads to team sessions and specialist 1:1 sessions for direct reports. This helps the Executive's team's understanding of the company and enables them to learn and understand the goals through a different lens.

At Elite we also look at the wellness and culture created in the office and offer coaching and advice as to how to shape world class environments.

High Potential Coaching

For over 20 years we have supported high potential individuals personally and in business. Investing in top talent is particularly important for businesses for many reasons. Businesses are looking to develop and form the next generation of leaders, they are also importantly looking to offer a different lens when supporting their development and learning, finally high potential coaching can be seen as another benefit to their overall compensation package.

At Elite we have a passion for helping individuals develop their key attributes and turn them into dynamic strengths. We encourage individuals to express themselves and build on their favourite things to do! We are highly focused and consistently challenge both their learning and the environment they create to learn in!

At Elite we provide focused challenge and support, ensuring your high potential team members enjoy their learning and grow both in business and personally.

Return to Work Coaching

What support do you offer parents returning to work? Or staff returning from long term sick leave? Elite Coaches support women and men through the maternity/paternity transition, before/during/after maternity/paternity leave, and during/after sick leave, whether mental (including stress) or physical.

Our return to work coaching supports returners, providing them with support through the transition period and growing their confidence after a period of absence. Coaching covers from how they've changed during their time out, including their expectations and priorities, to organisational structure changes, industry, technology and process changes, and role changes.

Organisations benefit from Elite's coaching retaining and leveraging key talent at a time when too often it's lost, making a significant longer term impact on the performance and financial benefits a diverse workforce brings.

Senior Women Coaching

Does your organisation recognise the benefits from a diverse workforce? Including greater creativity and innovation, understanding of a broad customer base, challenging the status quo and higher financial returns? Does it provide processes, support and training to realise these benefits? Elite's Business Coaching and Diversity and Inclusion Training support organisations to deliver such goals, and our Senior Women Coaching develops women to retain, or re-gain, their authenticity during such transitions, when there are few senior women role models, or as part of a talent development programme.

Our coaching experts have researched diversity and inclusion, and spent time transforming organisations' approach to recruiting, retaining and developing women leaders. At Elite we're passionate about maximising a business' performance and enabling people to do this authentically, with integrity. Senior Women Coaching provides the space and tools for women to achieve this and inspire future leaders.

Transition Coaching

How does your organisation support people transitioning into a new leadership role? Moving to a new country? Experiencing a life change such as becoming a parent? Such transitions can provide a significant challenge, even the most experienced executives. Elite coaches senior and rising talent to negotiate significant transitions, providing support to keep seeing the bigger picture whilst developing skills, resilience and key contacts to quickly thrive in the change.

In new roles, there are high expectations, hence pressure, to swiftly make an impact. That initial impact often defines an individual's long term role success. All of Elite's coaches have experienced such transitions and empathically and strategically work with individuals to prepare them for and support them during their transition, ensuring impactful results.


How well do you and your colleagues sleep? Eat? Exercise? How does the environment at work effect happiness?

Wellness is at the forefront of everything we do at Elite. Every time we interact with an individual, team or organisation we are very keen to understand their physical environment and health. Our coaching experts have studied wellness, designed work based programmes and offices, and delivered corporate wellness training. These have significantly transformed teams and business environments and improved happiness, productivity, presenteeism and health.

At Elite we focus on mental health awareness, stress levels and creating positive winning cultures! We run these coaching sessions on an individual basis with the people leader, or in teams with the HR/People function. Finally we try to create wellness champions in each office, who we continue to share articles and findings with post coaching and planning.