Treasure of Pirate Island.

Fun treasure game and team cooperation game involving problem solving and creativity. Ideal team building exercise for large numbers at seminars and corporate training events.





1.5 to 2 hours + debrief.


18 to 36 participants (for each game).


Staff at any level.


Not required.


No restrictions on the number of times you can use this game.


Buy: £350 + delivery & VAT (if applicable)

Elite Facilitate: £850 + VAT for up to 36 delegates at your UK venue

Strengthen teams, create bonds and impart skills with our innovative team building business games.


If you want a team building game that involves:

  • interactive participation
  • silo busting
  • team co-operation
  • lots of communication
  • creative thinking
  • problem solving
  • team building and
  • great fun.
  • this game is ideal for you.


Each team is tasked to find the gold treasure of Pirate Island that was buried many years ago by visiting pirates to an island deep in the Indian Ocean.

Teams are issued with a folder containing instructions on what they need to do to find the treasure. But first, they have 30 minutes to assimilate the information and solve some challenging questions. They are then issued with a map and equipment to complete their tasks.

Effective leaders will recognise the skills within the team and allocate the tasks appropriately.

Each team has information that the others need to solve the tasks so sharing information is vital. But there is a tendency to hide information from the other teams or even tell them lies, in an attempt to 'win.' However, time will show that unless the silos are busted and all teams work together, no one will win! It all makes for a fun game with lots of individual and team development.

Treasure of Pirate Island is an amazing team building game that requires Leadership, Creative Thinking, Problem Solving, Silo Busting, Time Management and Teamwork. Combine all these and add FUN to make it a certain winner for your team event.

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Buy the Treasure of Pirate Island game. Price: £350.00 + delivery and VAT (if applicable)

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Buy the Treasure of Pirate Island Game.  Price: £350.00 + delivery and VAT (if applicable).

All transactions are in Pounds Sterling

Comments from the Treasure Of Pirate Island Game

"Running this game with lots of teams and several groups made them work together, which was really lacking when we started the day. Competition was broken down and teamwork took over once they realised that this was the way forward."

"Treasure of Pirate Island was demanding but great fun, thank you. I learnt a lot about teamwork and the importance of communicating with the whole group."

""We started a little slowly but then realised we had to have leadership within our team if we were to achieve our goals, a good learning curve for us all."

"When we started Treasure of Pirate Island many of us did not know each other as we are in different parts of the organisation. The game soon 'broke down barriers' with us and it was a great way to get to know each other. Thank you for a great game."


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