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This training activity requires team management, leadership and strategy planning. Then problem solving, communication and teamwork play an important part.

Cubism Training GameCubism provides a fast route to powerful and transferable learning. The activity combines two games into one package:

  • The Cube Puzzle
  • Replica

Both encourage interdependence and the sharing of information within team environments.

The Cube Puzzle - How it works

Three small groups are linked together by a postal service and each group have limited amounts of information in relation to a whole group task. It is essential that communicate effectively with the other groups to establish what their task is and how to fulfil it.

Their success and that of others, depends upon their recognition of their inter-dependence and the integrity and quality of the information that is passed between them.

As they struggle with their own tasks, they may not be aware of the effects which their decisions are having on others.

Learning Outcomes

The Cube Puzzle review highlights issues of trust and support between groups, the establishment and maintenance of effective channels of communication and the effects of competitive or collaborative behaviour within working groups.

  • What evidence was there of direction and leadership?
  • Do they trust each other?
  • How do they manage the decision-making in the small groups and in the larger group?
  • Who influences those decisions and how?
  • Is information shared or withheld?
  • What assumptions are made and acted upon?

Strong feelings may result from this exercise and there is the potential for exploring issues of frustration and blame and the management of potential conflict.

Replica - How it works

Replica requires a team to produce a model made from coloured plastic T-shaped components, which is an exact copy of a model which has been previously assembled and is at a different location.

Team members have limited opportunities to view the original model and have no tools for recording information about it. They are therefore dependent upon careful observation and accurate retention of the information, which is gained during the viewing periods.

Each individual is required to bring back information to the group and to integrate it into the information which is known so far. This requires some personal confidence, particularly if the new information conflicts with that which has been gained previously.

They work under very tight time constraints and the extent to which this pressure affects teamwork, trust and support comes into sharp focus during the drive to make sense of limited and sometimes contradictory information.

Learning Outcomes

Replica looks at several different aspects of the behaviour of teams under conditions of strict regulation and results pressure. It also raises issues of support - how do you deal with individuals who make errors or lack confidence in their own judgement or memory? Can we avoid blame if errors are made? How does the team deal with feelings of frustration or confusion?

The exercise requires effective staff planning:

  • Who is confident and skilled in remembering visual information?
  • What is the best sequence to use?
  • Do we retain people for checking the finished product?

This activity is one of many business games from our training resource library which allows you to build your collection of ready made trainer-led activities or tailor your own training program. The activities are ideal for your training course, seminar or conference.

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Timing: 60 minutes + Debrief.
Numbers: 3 to 10 participants (for each game).
Who: Staff at any level.
Computer: Not required.
Licence Free: There are no restrictions on how many times you can use this game.
Cost to buy and facilitate yourself: £359 + delivery and VAT (if applicable).

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