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The Pipeline

Simple to run, fun icebreaker or customer service game focusing on Targets, Planning, Resource Management and Customer Service.


This training resource works well:

  • as an icebreaker to make key learning points
  • with limited time and as a fun pick-me-up
  • for training in customer service and balancing quality, efficiency and effectiveness
  • as a team building game
  • for conference breakout sessions
  • for indoor or outdoor use.

The Process

Choose from 6 ways of using the game for different learning outcomes. For example, when using the game for customer service training; the team is asked to quote to the customer how many deliveries of 'goods' they can make in the time allowed.


Team members are issued with a piece of half-pipe which they hold next to another team member's pipe to create a pipeline. This will allows a ball (the ‘goods’) to roll down the pipe.

The group's task is to get the ball to roll over a set distance and into a container at the end. Each ball successfully delivered results in a happy customer. It sounds simple and teams naturally want to deliver lots of balls in the time allowed.

Teams normally work quickly to achieve the task; however, this often results in the ‘goods’ getting damaged when they fall to the ground and they have a disappointed customer. They soon learn the importance of the balance between high production, wastage and customer service.

We supply tennis balls with the game, but you can also use golf balls which will travel much faster, or eggs to emphasise customer care!


Benefits of the customer service game

  • Brings out key issues such as Customer service, Intercommunication, Taking on responsibility, Planning, Resource Management, Supply Chain, Focusing on targets, Teamwork and Leadership
  • Acts as an icebreaker and leads to greater understanding between group members
  • The facilitator can brief the group so it can be used in any language
  • Integrates into any training situation
  • Simple to set up and administer with clear instructions and Trainer's Guide with debrief suggestions.

The Team building Game Includes:

  • 6 lengths of half-pipe (each pipe = 670mm x 75mm. Colour of pipe varies - currently black)
  • 2 Tennis balls
  • Laminated Team Sheets for 6 different ways of running the game
  • Trainer's Guide.

pdfDownload a PDF file of The Pipeline Icebreaker Game

Buy this game and use it many times; or we will run it for you. Please contact us for more information.

Timing: Between 10 and 30 minutes + debrief.
Numbers: 5 to 12 participants (for each training activity)
Who: This game is ideal for any level of participant.
Computer: Not required.
Licence Free: There are no restrictions on how many times you can use this icebreaker and team building game.
Cost to buy and facilitate yourself: £150 + delivery and VAT (if applicable).

Buy this game with:

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  • Bank Transfer (please contact us for details)
  • Cheque in Pounds Sterling made out to Elite Training European Ltd.

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