Mick is Elite's founder. He sadly passed away in 2016 and we've kept his profile here to reflect his exceptional contribution to learning and development, as our Managing Director, establishing and growing Elite.

Mick had over 40 years' experience as a manager, trainer and consultant.

Numerous training courses and studies enabled him to qualify as a tutor and facilitator in personal development and management issues. He was a Home Office appointed Trainer of Trainers and a City and Guilds NVQ Assessor. He held a Management Diploma and a Postgraduate Certificate of Education by the University of East Anglia.

Training with Dr. Richard Bandler and Dr. John Grinder the creators of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Michael Breen a leading expert and master trainer in NLP and Paul McKenna the world's best known hypnotist, qualified Mick as a practitioner of NLP. Delegates on all the courses that he delivered appreciated the benefits of this.

One of the few tutors to have studied communication skills combined with the behaviour of people, and have the opportunity to put these skills into practice by interviewing violent offenders including rapists and murderers. Witnesses and victims of such offenders require delicate handling and Mick had extensive experience of working with police officers in defence tactics, and interpersonal skills.

He was an acknowledged expert in dealing with people from all walks of life and gives one-to-one help for personal development.

Extensive training in team building enabled him to confidently lead teams in demanding situations in the United Kingdom and abroad. Licensed by Belbin Associates to use Interplace 5.2 for Windows, he was able to provide team role profiles and job suitability details.

As a senior manager he had considerable experience in both project and people management in this country and abroad. He was also responsible for recruiting and developing staff at the Suffolk police headquarters.

Mick started the company in 1995 and built it around the philosophy of developing:

  • "outside the box" approaches to organisational issues; and
  • innovative training processes.

His experience and creative thinking skills have enabled him to design and deliver numerous core skills and management courses for large organisations.

You may have heard Mick on the radio or read about him in the press. He was often asked to give his opinion on the topics he taught.