Training Materials

Our training materials will save you time and help deliver excellent training sessions.

Need to run a course, but don’t have the time or knowledge to prepare professional training course material?

Creating your own training materials is both time consuming and expensive. You have to plan, research, design, write, create and deliver.

Our training materials consist of games and exercises which improve retention of ideas, learning and increase fun and enjoyment. Each exercise provides experiences upon which participants can reflect and build. These experiences become the platform for learning.

Here are some considerations to make when choosing training materials:

Learning Outcomes

When selecting training resources think carefully about your intended learning outcomes. Will the resource meet these?

Consider your audience
  • Is the exercise relevant and at the level of the participants?
  • Will it challenge them, yet be achievable?
  • Is it topical?
  • Will it keep them engaged and ready for more learning?
  • How long does the exercise last?
  • Have you sufficient time? Ending the activity too soon will lessen its effect and allowing too much time will give opportunity for participants to lose focus.

Elite Training European Limited is a leading provider of training materials. We develop and sell a wide range of business simulation games, training games and training activities that achieve excellent results in training courses and events.

Our training materials are a collection of ready-made, trainer-led activities to use in your training program. The resources are ideal for your training course, seminar or conference.

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