Continuous Improvement

Fun, challenging continuous improvement game focuses on continuous improvement, process improvement, leadership, problem solving, giving feedback, teamwork, communication, inter-personal skills and time management.





30 to 60 minutes + debrief.


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How do you make a company more efficient? That's the task facing the team.

  • Can they find the most efficient, productive solution?
  • The Continuous Improvement Game for process improvement and leadership


A company has hired a team of consultants (your team) to help to improve the performance of the production process at their factory. But there's a problem. In order to get the production line working 30 icons (plastic cards) on a large floor-mounted touch screen monitor must be touched in sequence.

To complicate things further, the sequence can change when a different product is being manufactured.

Not surprisingly, the process is taking too long and impacting on productivity. Teams must find a quicker more efficient solution.

Total flexibility - tailor the game to the group

This creative continuous improvement game is easily adapted to focus on different key skills, such as leadership and teamwork. The Trainer's Guide and Team Briefing Sheets offer several possible options of running the game, including:

Leadership and Continuous Improvement

The facilitator appoints a small team as managers and a bigger team as their staff

  • The managers go into a separate room or area where they cannot see the team carry out the task
  • The managers are given the briefing notes to enable them to brief the team on how to carry out the task
  • The team are allowed a number of attempts to accomplish the task. In between rounds, they report back to management and give them an update on their progress. The managers are under pressure to provide the team with the effective leadership in less than ideal conditions.

On the first attempt, the team will usually get one person to touch all the cards, while the rest of the team stand along the outside of the screen pointing to the next card in sequence. To get the lowest time, the team will need to work together and share responsibility for touching the cards. This is more difficult because of the coordination of effort. However, the time will be much better.

Continuous Improvement and Performance Management

  • The team are given the briefing notes and make their first attempt at achieving the task
  • The facilitator records the time it took and the number of penalties incurred.
  • The facilitator asks the team to debrief what they did and how they can improve it
  • The team tries their new method, which is debriefed, and another method is tried until they are satisfied with their score or their time is up.

Benefits of this continuous improvement game

  • Brings out key issues such as performance management, continuous improvement, problem solving, giving feedback, leadership, teamwork, communication, inter-personal skills and time management
  • Adaptable to any language - the facilitator can brief the group from easily transferable briefing notes
  • Integrates into any training situation
  • Simple to set up and administer with clear instructions and Trainer's Guide with debrief suggestions.

This Continuous Improvement Game Includes:

  • 30 Plastic cards numbered 1 to 30 on one side and A to Z on the other (for the different ways of running the game)
  • Length of cord to mark the area of the monitor screen
  • Laminated Team Sheets for different ways of running the game

Trainer's Guide.

Key training goals:

  • The Continuous Improvement training game helps learners develop their abilities in the following key areas:
  • Continuous improvement
  • Process improvement
  • Performance Management
  • Leadership and Management
  • Giving feedback
  • Problem solving
  • Communication

Inter-Personal skills

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Comments from the Continuous Improvement game

“We use it time and time again for different training courses. So adaptable for continuous improvement, teamwork and leadership.”

"As you recommended, we use observers and they come up with the points that we as facilitators would. Thank you for another of your wonderful training games."

"So much learning comes from this game; it always goes down well. We also use it with people who do not speak English, so all we do is brief them verbally; they do not have to read anything."

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