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Our management games are used worldwide for cost effective training.

Management GamesHere are the answers to some questions we are often asked about training games.
Why play management games?

Learning should be enjoyable and listening to a person talk is one of many methods of learning. However, it is less suitable for people who prefer a more practical, active approach. Management games help make learning interactive, enjoyable and realistic with key learning points to take back to the workplace.

Games should not be played for the sake of it, or for making the life of a facilitator easier. However, there are many reasons for running management games including:

  • A game simulates 'real life' conditions of what the training is trying to communicate
  • It is enjoyable with lots of learning in a short space of time
  • It generates interest in the subject and is rich in experiential learning
  • The game allows participants to easily interact, socialise, and network with others
  • It provides much evidence for the facilitator and participants to debrief and learn from.

Interpersonal skills are key skills for managers and it is possible to read about these in a book. But you can learn more about them from a practical activity, where you get feedback from others on the affect you had on them. Once the behaviour has been experienced, the manager is on the way to a change in behaviour.

How do I choose the best management games to meet my needs?

Here are some considerations to help you choose:

  • What are the learning objectives?
  • Which game best simulates the objectives and conditions I am trying to communicate
  • What time do you have to run it?
  • How many participants are there?
  • What is the knowledge and experience of the participants?
  • What is my budget?
  • What other courses can I use this game for?
How do I run a management game?
  1. Read the Trainer’s guide. This will give you a good idea of what the game is about and how to run it
  2. Look at your learning objectives and see how they will fit into the game
  3. Make copies of the provided debrief or devise you own to suit your needs
  4. Run through the game, preferable with others, so you have a good understanding of it
  5. Prepare the layout of the room and issue the supplied materials. On occasions you may need to provide other materials such flip charts, writing paper and pens etc
  6. Brief the participants on the game
  7. Monitor the groups in action and where appropriate help individuals or groups to go in the right direction
  8. Guide the debrief - listen to their experiences; promote discussion from and between participants; draw out key learning points; relate it to the real world
  9. Draw up action plans for performance improvement in the workplace.
Key benefits of our management games:
  • Wide selection of business games and training materials produced by us and other top companies
  • Best price guaranteed with help before and after your purchase
  • Buy and use as many times as you want
  • Easy to use – just follow the included trainer's guide
  • Structured learning activities that are lively and fun, but focus on real, relevant workplace issues. 
Expert free advice to help you choose and use

If you are trying to choose the best management games to fit your needs, or have a query about running our management games, the Elite Training Team will help you.

With our hands-on business experience and expertise in training, we can give you all the help you need. Advice is free of charge and there is no obligation to buy.

Why areas do management games cover?

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Games marked ** are ideal team activities for your conference, seminar or corporate event.

100% Guaranteed!

If the game or training material does not live up to your expectations,
you can return them unused within 10 days, for a full refund on the goods.


business gameElite Training European Limited is a leading UK corporate training provider and management games company. We will be pleased to arrange a business simulation game or team building event anywhere in the UK or Europe.

Elite Training European Limited is a leading UK corporate team building games and management games training company. We will be pleased to arrange a business game or team building activities anywhere in the UK or Europe.

We develop and sell a wide range of business simulation games and training material. We also sell selected training materials and games produced by other top training companies that achieve excellent results in our training courses and events.

These training activities like many of the business games we sell, allow you to build your collection of ready-made, trainer-led activities or tailor your own training program. The activities are ideal for your training course, seminar or conference.

To see the other companies that have bought our management games from us and their feedback on our services please visit our >> Customers and Feedback Page

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