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Global Trading

Benefit now from a new, challenging global trading game that needs the disciplines of:

  • leadership
  • risk taking
  • change management
  • quick thinking
  • teamwork
  • the motive of profit within your business.

The Process

If you have seen the excitement and tension on trading floors you will appreciate how this world trade game will bring out key business skills.

Although based on World Trade of Commodities, the same rules and skills are needed for all business activities. Global Trading will bring out participants management strengths and areas for development.

In order to prosper, an organization must take advantage of opportunities and respond to the challenges presented by the forecasted business environment.

Those in leadership positions must think strategically to gain a competitive edge over others in the crowded markets. They have to link the leader's vision with the organization's strengths and capabilities, thereby guiding it to decent growth and development. This is achieved by effective strategic planning to provide the shape and guidance of:

  • what an organization is
  • what it does and why it does it
  • where it wants to go and
  • how it is going to get there.

Global trading is an exciting new global business simulation game that requires effective strategic planning and other key skills to ensure that needs are met and profits are gained.

It is also a development tool for tutors to show the practicalities of trading in the business world.

How this world trade game works

Each team is allocated a Country and takes on the responsibility for selling their Country's surplus commodities. They are also responsible for buying the commodities needed for their social and economic requirements.

Their brief is to create the maximum profit from trading in commodities through the World Commodities Exchange, but they must end the trading periods with exactly the correct set of commodities.

World events happen which affect prices and they must plan a strategy to buy and sell to maximise profits from the changing markets. They must also be prepared to change plans as prices change and availability alters from their expectations.

Comments from Users of this Training Activity

“The game was great - excellent fun and very relevant learning. I really appreciated the pre-briefing that you gave me which helped a lot.”
“We thought this was just about trading; but we found there is a lot more learning in this game than trading. It helped us to look at a number of key issues including leadership, strategic planning, risk management, meeting customer needs and of course making a profit! Excellent game, more like this please.”
“We have now played the game on three occasions. One with a very small group and twice with much larger groups. In fact we played with two sets at the same time on one occasion!The students certainly appear to enjoy the exercise and having them involved in each of the roles does allow for some interesting interactions.
We are planning to continue using it in our induction programme as it enables us to mix first year and second year students together in each team. Most of the student teams appear to reach their target though the cash is the differentiator when choosing the 'winner'.”

Naturally, each team is competing to sell their surplus commodities and buy their needed commodities, but will the World Commodities Exchange have them available and will the price be favourable?

pdfDownload a PDF file of the Global Trading Game.

Buy this game and use it many times; or we will run it for you. Please contact us for more information.

Timing: 2 hours + debrief.
Numbers: Minimum of 12 participants (for each training activity) but most suitable with groups of 18 to 27, plus observers.
Who: Naturally, strategic planning training can be useful for CEOs, senior executives, general managers and accountants. But this game works well for students or anyone who will benefit by its forward thinking, planning and business principals.
Computer: Not required.
Licence Free: There are no restrictions on how many times you can use this game.
Cost to buy and facilitate yourself:. £495 + delivery and VAT (if applicable).

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