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Life's Choices

Life's Choices is an interactive and far-reaching values exercise that enables participants to discover more about how values affect our behaviour and how important they are in business, life and organisations generally.

Life's Choices is set out in six sections. This enables you, the facilitator, to choose whether to run one section or up to six.

  1. Your Values - From the 126 listed values, participants select five values they think most represent them or are important personal characteristics. The chosen values are shared with the group and the facilitator leads a discussion and debrief.

  2. What do you see? These 6 questions create awareness that what we see and hear, is often different to what others are seeing and hearing. Yet we can form our values on this. It is important to see and hear things from another's perspective.

  3. Personal Values in Life - How would you react in dealing with various problems? Each team member will be given a problem and possible solutions on separate cards. The group discuss the possible solutions and agree the best answer. They may also agree not to agree!

  4. Life’s Choices with Moral or Social Implications - Discussion topics on business values - making decisions with moral or social implications.

  5. Life’s Choices in business - Challenging questions to see if they apply their values to work situations.

  6. Values for your business - A structured approach which encourages participants to look at your existing business values to see if they are still relevant and consider others.

These six sections gives the facilitator the flexibility of running this game for individuals or a large group; or for short periods of 20 minutes or up to 4 hours.

Life's Choices prompts open communication about personal values. The result is the participants get an insight into what drives people's behaviour in business, social, personal and moral life choices and decisions. It is useful to enable participants to see if they display "above the line and under the line behaviours?"

  • Above the line behaviours: Taking ownership of the situation; taking action; doing instead of complaining; leadership; forward thinking.
  • Under the line behaviours: Denying responsibility; blaming others; citing confusion as a reason for inaction; asking others what should be done; claiming that they can't do it; or just waiting to see if the situation will miraculously resolve itself.

Example Applications

Life's Choices provides a structure to discuss and apply personal values whilst allowing significant freedom for adaptation. Therefore, it is used effectively in many different situations such as:

Icebreaker Activity

Used to open various training sessions. It encourages participants to be open and discuss real issues.

Assessment Centres

An invaluable tool which encourages candidates to reveal a truer reflection of their values and personality. This helps to discover those who will thrive alongside existing values or act as a breath of fresh air!

Company Values Cascade

Help educate individuals and teams in the company's values. Allow participants time to discuss what each value means to them and how they could support them.

During Changes

Help to provide clarity and develop strong teams with common goals when new teams are forming and members feel vulnerable.

Career Path Management

Help participants discover their prime motivating factors in life. This is key at all stages in the career life cycle from leaving school and university to changing career direction and during redeployment or redundancy.

Conference and Away Days

Used as an opener, closer or to provide structure for the day. Life's Choices will add both variety and a healthy dose of self-awareness. It provides a comfortable way of establishing team values.

Team Meetings

Used to promote emotional intelligence amongst the team, address any challenges and set actions to revise processes and behaviours.

Comments from Users of this values exercise

"Life's Choices got people to open up as part of the game. We achieved a better understanding of each other's values."D. Goodey – Siemens

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Timing: This teamwork values exercise runs for 20 minutes to 4 hours + debrief.
Numbers: Any number up to 30 participants for each game bought.
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Life's Choices

pdfDownload a PDF file of Life's Choices

Timing: This values exercise runs for
20 mins to 4 hours + Debrief.
Numbers: Any number up to 30 participants
(for each game).
Who: Staff at any level.
Computer: Not required.
Licence Free:. No restrictions on the number of
times you can use this game.
Cost to buy: £295 + delivery and VAT
(if applicable).

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